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My fragments in viewpager tab dont refresh

i got viewpager with 4 tabs .. in each tab there is a fragment.
my first tab is a fragment with a form (for example Users)
after i click save, the data is inserted in the database.
my second tab is another fragment with form but it uses data from the first tab (i am getting it from the database) to populate a spinner.
now after i successfully inserted data from my first tab, in my second tab the spinner is empty. since my db query is implemented in onCreateView() in the second fragment, its called only once when the application is started, so changing between tab 1 i tab2 doesn't starts onCreateView() or even onResume().
The interesting thing for me is that if i go to tab4 and then return to tab2, my data is in my spinner properly, so somehow swiping two tabs away from my current tab refreshing my fragment.
my question is how can i achieve proper refresh to my fragment when onCreateView() is called only once ?

i tried to put that method psykhi suggested like that:


but it's not working for me. Am i missing something ?

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UPDATE: There is a better way, Please have a look here: Update ViewPager dynamically?

Removing content of this answer because it was a really bad way to access Fragments inside ViewPager, please see the above link for better approach.

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