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Extracting Elements from a Table in R

I've looked online for more than two hours for help with this, and "played around" with various parameters, and cannot seem to figure this out. I have a database, hlc, that includes a nominal variable named "loc." That variable is a numeric code where each code describes a college's location, like "rural" or "small city." I need to get a count for each of those categories.

I created a table:


-3 11 12 13 21 22 23 31 32 33 41 42 43
0 9 12 27 14 3 5 1 17 39 39 10 2

I then placed that table into a variable:

loc <- table(hlc$loc)

I can get any one of the elements like this:


What I would like to do is get each element individually, like "-3" and "0" for
. I tried this, unsuccessfully:

Error in `[.default`(loc, 1, 1) : incorrect number of dimensions

It seems like the
table is a list, but each element in that list is somehow linked to two values, the bin number and the count of instances for that bin. How can I extract each of those individual values from the table: the bin number and the count for that bin?

Thanks for any help you can offer.

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