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MySQL Question

SHA1 does not match

I am using SMF. In SMF passwords saved in mysql like:


Some of hashes works fine. But other hashes which includes special chars like "öüşığ" and space etc. does not match.

For example "aksak temüraga" should be converted to sha1 as "4b4eb0eed79356eb56eb9058e6dea20d71e48e3c" but it is converted to sha1 as "c4aa8328bf5ec76cfc0416fd7ec40f8dea7f3d62"

Answer Source

Since you are trying to create an external login to SMF forum, then you have to stay with hashing provided by SMF.

About your problem, you should take a look at Sources\LogInOut.php file of SMF installation, to check how SMF creates the login.

Then you can use the same technique for your external login.

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