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SQL Question

Union of 2 pairs columns

Let's say I have a table in the format

a b c d
1 v 3 x
2 w 4 y
3 x 5 z
4 y 1 v

with columns a,b,c, and d. I want a union of columns a and c while keeping column pair a+b and c+d locked. I want the output to be

col1 col2
1 v
2 w
3 x
4 y
5 z

I know how to use UNION ALL to join two columns, but how do I join two columns while each of these 2 columns are paired with another column each?

Answer Source

You need UNION and not UNION ALL to filter duplicate pairs :

SELECT a,b FROM YourTable 
SELECT c,d FROM YourTable 
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