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Java Question

Regular expression intersection to exclude a char won't work

I have some String in this form

[3 4.0:ad}
and I need to replace all whitespace and digit but
(that is needed to parse de float correctly)

so I have written this regular expression


but doesn't work and I haven't understood the right syntax I have used

to select non digit characters

to exclude
from selection

to select all whitespace

If I remove the intersection
works so something in the way I use it is wrong.

Any suggestion?

Answer Source

You can use a negated character class like this:

str = str.replaceAll("[^\\d.]+", "");

[^\\d.] will match any character that is not a digit and not a DOT.

RegEx Demo

btw \D also includes whitespace so both don't need to be provided in a regex.

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