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C# Question

C# How to create an object with generated name?

Normally I'd use

MyObject Obj1 = new MyObject(constructors);

but what I need is for the code to create an object for me and assign a name for it by itself based on variable.

string objectname = HakunaMatata

MyObject [I want HakunaMatata here] = new MyObject;

objectname = SomethingNew

MyObject [I want SomethingNew here] = new MyObject;

so how do I do it?

Answer Source

You're looking for a Dictionary<TKey,TValue>. This enables you to use a string as the "key" and have instances as the value.

string objectname = "HakunaMatata"
var myDictionary = new Dictionary<string,MyObject>();
myDictionary.Add(objectname, new MyObject()); // what a wonderful day!

you can later lookup & use your object by using the same key

MyObject makunaMatataInstance = myDictionary["HakunaMatata"]; // or use the variable "objectname" again
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