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dodged bar chart with stack for the total

I would like to add a stacked bar to a dodged bar chart, showing the total. I don't want the column for the total to be a solid bar, but to consist of the stacked components.
I can add both geom_bars to the plot, but I haven't been able to move the total bar. I could add a dummy category with zero in the middle, but of course I'd prefer the total to be to the right of the components.


ggplot(df,aes(y=total,x=treatment,fill=type)) +
geom_bar(position= position_dodge(),stat="identity", alpha = 0.9, width = 0.25) +
geom_bar(position = position_stack(), stat = 'identity', alpha = 0.3, width = 0.125)

not precisely what I want

This is not the same question they want to stack/dodge by two variables. I just want to summarise the same info twice, but differently.

I can of course add a bar for the solid total and put in the stacked bar by hand, but I get so close with basic ggplot that I thought maybe a little hack (e.g. modifying the return object of position_stack) might be possible.

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You could reshape your dataset and use facets to get the effect, although this will show all of your data and not just the largest value in each type/treatment combination.

Your dataset would need to be repeated twice, once for the the original type and once for plotting the totals. You also need a new variable, which I called type2.

df$type2 = df$type
df2 = df
df2$type2 = "Total"

Stack the two datasets together via rbind, and then plot using type2 as the x variable and the alpha variable.

ggplot(rbind(df, df2), aes(y = total, x = type2, fill = type, alpha = type2)) + 
    geom_col(width = .9) +
    facet_wrap(~treatment, strip.position = "bottom") +
    scale_alpha_manual(values = c(.9, .9, .3), guide = "none") +
    theme(strip.background = element_blank(),
          axis.text.x = element_blank(),
          axis.ticks.length = unit(0, "mm"),
          panel.spacing = unit(0, "mm"),
          panel.grid.major.x = element_blank()) +
    scale_x_discrete(expand = c(1, 0))

enter image description here

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