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Java count occurrence of each item in an array

Is there any method for counting the occurrence of each item on an array?

Lets say I have:

String[] array = {"name1","name2","name3","name4", "name5"};

Here the output will be:

name1 1
name2 1
name3 1
name4 1
name5 1

and if I have:

String[] array = {"name1","name1","name2","name2", "name2"};

The output would be:

name1 2
name2 3

The output here is just to demonstrate the expected result.

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Answer Source

You could use a MultiSet from Google Collections/Guava or a Bag from Apache Commons.

If you have a collection instead of an array, you can use addAll() to add the entire contents to the above data structure, and then apply the count() method to each value. A SortedMultiSet or SortedBag would give you the items in a defined order.

Google Collections actually has very convenient ways of going from arrays to a SortedMultiset.

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