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Javascript Question

How can I get the elements without a particular attribute by jQuery

I know how to get elements with a particular attribute:

$("#para [attr_all]")

But how can I get the elements WITHOUT a particular attribute?
I try

$("#para :not([attr_all])")

But it doesn't work.
What is the correct way to do this?

Let me give an example:

<div id="para">
<input name="fname" optional="1">
<input name="lname">
<input name="email">


$("#para [optional]") // give me the fname element
$("#para :not([optional])") //give me the fname, lname, email (fname should not appear here)

Answer Source

First thing that comes to my mind (maybe sub optimal) :

    return !$(this).attr('attr_all');

However p:not([attr_all]) should work, so I think something else is going on in your code.

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