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jQuery Question

How to Restore an Element Removed with jQuery?

if an element is removed using


How do we create it back.

Answer Source

You can't get that particular instance back. Using $.remove() removes it from the DOM. You can create a clone of it, move it around the DOM, hide it, etc., though. Depending on what your project requires, you likely have many other options.

If you're not too interested in that particular instance, you can create a new one. Suppose that was a div with a statement:

$("<div />").addClass("notification").text("I exist!").appendTo("body");

If you want to keep a copy of that particular element around, you can $.clone() it and remove the original:

var clone = $(".notification").clone(); // making zeh' clones!
$(".notification").remove();            // original is gone
$("body").append(clone);                // appears to have returned
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