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SQL Question

Attaching file for a SAS program

I am new to SaS and i tried performing a simple query on sas enterprise guide.
The program is as follows:

libname ISS meta library="SQL - ISS" metaout=data;
Proc Sql;
select *
where contract_market_code = '023A61'
and REPORT_DATE between '1/1/13' and '6/30/15';

the error im getting is the following : FILE work.MARKET_OPTION_DAY.DATA does not exist.

I dont understand whats wrong because i can view the file in the "SQL-ISS" library

Joe Joe
Answer Source

If a file is located in a library, then you need to prefix with the library name.

proc sql;
  select * from ISS.market_option_day
/* other stuff here ...*/

For example.

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