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AngularJS Question

Enabling/Disabling onsen Button

i want to enable/disable onsen buttons on click event of other button.
i have used following code for that but it didn't worked for me.
need suggestions/corrections for the same.

<ons-button id="save" disabled="true">Save</ons-button>
<ons-button id="edit" ng-click ="edit_click()">Edit</ons-button>
<ons-button id="cancel" disabled="true">Cancel</ons-button>

javascript :

function edit_click(){

Answer Source

You can use ngAttrDisabled directive to disable buttons dynamically.

<ons-button ng-attr-disabled="{{ disableButton }}">Click me!</ons-button>
<input type="checkbox" ng-model="disableButton">

Unfortunately ngDisabled doesn't work in the current version of Onsen UI for the <ons-button> tag.

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