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Swift Question

Custom Tabbar and Tabbar Button item

I have an idea for an app, but after a few months of dealing with Xcode I've run into a major design issue. I want this:

Wanted Navigation & Tabbar Design

But as many ios developers know, using the traditional tabbar in the interface builder will only create single color, non-outline, tab bar buttons like so:

Unwanted Design of Tabbar

Is there any code/sdk where I can perhaps achieve the design of the first image while still having the tab bar functionality of the second?

Edit: The approach I'm looking for is more towards creating a custom tabbar controller all together, which has been answered.

Answer Source

Best way to create a seperate view for custom Tabbar. I will suggest you - 1. In your main.storyBoard , take two containers one for tabBarController and another for CustomTabBarViewController

  1. Draw your custom tabbar UI in CustomTabBarViewController
  2. Attach all other controller in tabbar.
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