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C# Question

Fabric Message is too large

I'm trying to pass 5MB~ data from a service to an actor, and I'm getting the error:

Fabric Message is too large

How can I increase the maximum size that can be transferred between micro-services?

I looked at the following page to see my options.

I tried setting:

<Section Name="ServiceReplicatorConfig">
<Parameter Name="MaxReplicationMessageSize" Value="1073741824" />

Please help.

Answer Source

Somebody helped me on GitHub with the following:

In order to set maximum size for the remoting transport, you can use the following attribute and place it on your actor interface assembly or configure the maximum message size in the ServiceProxyFactory and ServiceRemotingListener creation.

[assembly: FabricTransportActorRemotingProvider(MaxMessageSize = 1073741824)]

The discussion in GitHub.

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