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WPF call method parent from usercontrol

I want to call a method from user control in WPF

I´ve a Window with a list and I have a method that get this list.

private ObservableCollection<int> _lst;

public MainWindow()


public void getList()
_lst = List<int>();

In this page I use a usercontrol:

UserControlAAA userControl = new UserControlAAA ();


I want to do something like this inside of usercontrol:

Window win = Window.GetWindow(this);


but I can´t call win.getList();

I want to call the method getList from my usercontrol, but I don´t know how to do it.

Answer Source

You'll need to cast the Window object to the specific window type you're using - which in your case is MainWindow:

MainWindow win = (MainWindow)Window.GetWindow(this);

However, it's not wise to have such coupling between the user control and the window it's hosted in, since that means you will only be able to use it in a window of type MainWindow. It would be better to expose a dependency property in the user control and bind the list to that property - this way the user control will have the data it requires and it will also be reusable in any type of window.

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