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Python Question becomes unresponsive

When i run this code it doesn't print neither

'not matching'
. It stops responding completely.

if m:
print('not matching')

Answer Source

Suppose we have the following script:

s = '1234567890'    
m ='(\w+)*z', s)

Our string contains 10 digits, and does not contain 'z'. This is intentional so that it forces to check all possible combinations, otherwise it will stop on first match.

I can't calculate the number of possible combinations, since math involved is rather tricky, but here is a small demonstration on what happens when s gets more digits:

enter image description here

Time goes from roughly 1μs for a single digit s to 100 seconds for a 30 digit s, that is, 108 more time.

My guess is that something similar happens when you use (\w+){10,64}. Instead you should use \w{10,64}.

Code used for the demo:

import timeit
import matplotlib.pyplot as plt

setup = """
import re
_base_stmt = "m ='(\w+)*z','{}')"

# (searched string becomes '1', '11', '111'...)
statements = {}
for i in range(1, 18):
    statements.update({i: _base_stmt.format('1'*i)})

# Creates x, y values
x = []
y = []
for i in sorted(statements):
    y.append(timeit.timeit(statements[i], setup, number=1))

# Plot
plt.plot(x, y)
plt.xlabel('string length')
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