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Regex Random character VB.Net

So, this is my code:

Dim sourceString As String = New System.Net.WebClient().DownloadString("")
TextBox2.Text = sourceString
Dim findtext2 As String = "(?<=<div class=""books"">)(.*?)(?=</div>)"
Dim myregex2 As String = TextBox2.Text
Dim doregex2 As MatchCollection = Regex.Matches(myregex2, findtext2)
Dim matches2 As String = ""
For Each match2 As Match In doregex2
matches2 = matches2 + match2.ToString + Environment.NewLine

It's getting all values between
<div class="books">
, but there is one big problem.

After "books", there are 3 characters (like
<div class="books672">

On, the HTML is like this:

<div class="books321">Book1</div>
<div class="books785">Book2</div>
<div class="books547">Book3</div>
<div class="books182">Book4</div>
<div class="books317">Book5</div>
<div class="books970">Book6</div>

How could i get "Book1, Book2..."? Does something for random characters exist in regex?

Answer Source

By adding \w{1} it recognizes it as one random character. In this case, i needed 3 random characters, so the solution would be:

(?<=<div class="books\w{3}">)(.*?)(?=</div>)
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