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React.js and HTML5 email validation

I have an email input in my react component:


which throws me a warning in the console:

The specified value "myemail" is not a valid email address.

with each keystroke till the input is a valid email.
I believe this is default HTML5 email validation message and since I change its' state with each keystroke, react rerenders it and HTML5 re-validates it. Changing the type to "text" fixes it, but I would love to keep it as "email". What would be a proper way to handle this in react in order to avoid those html5 warnings?

Answer Source

For a controlled input, ultimately React has to call Element.prototype.setAttribute(), and at least in Chrome 52 (I've yet to test with other browsers) this results in a warning being logged to the console. This warning does not show up with uncontrolled inputs, or with a non-React, vanilla HTML5 form.

Check out DOMPropertyOperations.setValueForProperty() in the React source, specifically line 162 (in v15.3.0) for <input>s.

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