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RESTful API Testbed with Swagger

I'm trying to develop an automated testing suite for a REST API. I've been told that Swagger would be the right tool to use to do this.
The API is being developed using the Spring Framework.

I can't figure out how I would use Swagger to do this.
From my understanding Swagger is used to create nice API documentation.
I've looked at this Dreamfactory blog post and it looks like they've got some kind of in browser testing functionality, but I don't think its really a test suite.

I've also taken a look at ServiceStack( and cucumber) but since its another framework I don't think it would work.

This google group discussion didn't see to point anywhere in particular either.

So, does anyone know how to develop a RESTful API testbed using Swagger?


Answer Source

Swagger will let you nicely document your API, and will help you do manual, live tests with swagger-ui in that you can easily fill in arguments and see the responses through a web ui. Try the Swagger demo as an example of what I am referring to.

I have not tried this, but this might be of interest for more automated testing against Swagger definitions.

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