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Why two compiler flags needs to be passed for code coverage in GCC

I understand two compiler flags: -ftest-coverage -fprofile-arcs needs to be passed for getting code coverage in GCC.
My question is, what is the reasoning for having 2 compiler flags for getting coverage. Also, what can we get if we use them independently?.

I tried compiling a c program with only -fprofile-arcs flag. I didnt notice any differences. Was able to generate .gcno .gcda and gcov files

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If you check the documentation for -fprofile-arcs you will see that the data it generates can be used for two different things depending on other options: -ftest-coverage and -fbranch-probabilities.

So the -fprofile-arcs is to generate code that does instrumentation and saves data. Then you use either -ftest-coverage or -fbranch-probabilities to specialize the data depending on what analysis you want to perform.

It doesn't say anywhere, but from your experience it seems that GCC defaults to -ftest-coverage if none of the specialization flags are provided.

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