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Javascript Question

How to documet inconsistent returns with JsDoc

Is it possible to add

jsdoc annotation for function with inconsistent returns?

* @param {Number} a
* @param {Number} b
* @return {Number}
* */
function sum (a, b) {
if (a < b) return false; //here we have a Boolean
return a + b; //and here a Number


  1. I already know that this is bad;

  2. I won't do it in my code;

  3. Just interesting how everyone handle this issue (in other ways than refactoring);

Answer Source

There's an example right there in the JSDoc @returns documentation:

The return value can have different types

 * Returns the sum of a and b
 * @param {Number} a
 * @param {Number} b
 * @param {Boolean} retArr If set to true, the function will return an array
 * @returns {Number|Array} Sum of a and b or an array that contains a, b and the sum of a and b.
function sum(a, b, retArr) {
    if (retArr) {
        return [a, b, a + b];
    return a + b;

E.g., use |, as you do other times the type may vary.

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