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Assigning strings from a list/array to multiples TextBox using foreach

It is my first question here and I'll try to be clear. I've taken 3 hours++ trying to find a solution and made tons of google searches.

To start, here's the relevant part of my code:


public List<string> mylist;


while (dbhelper.myReader.Read())


TextBox[] textboxlist1 = {dueltbTeam1, dueltbTeam2, dueltbTeam3, dueltbTeam4, dueltbTeam5, dueltbTeam6, dueltbTeam7, dueltbTeam8};

foreach (TextBox textbox in textboxlist1)
Action<string> entry;
entry = f => Assign(textbox, f);

private static void Assign(TextBox s, string f)
s.Text = f;

I made sure the "dbhelper.mylist" was still populated by content in form2, it still contain the 8 teams of my mysql database, so it isnt a problem. i was also able to make each TextBox show a single team name, the same in each TextBox. but i need to show one time each team, one team per Textbox. i used

foreach (string teamname in dbhelper.mylist)
foreach (TextBox textbox in textboxlist1)
textbox.Text = teamname;

Which shown a single team, the same one, in every textbox successfully, but I need to see different teams.

Forgive my English, I'm French. If I need to precise anything, I'll do it as soon as possible. Thanks!

Edit: I have the same amount of entries in textboxlist1 as in dbhelper.mylist.

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Let's assume you have the same number of teamNames as records in textBoxList1.

for(int i=0; i<dbhelper.mylist.Length -1; i++)
    textboxlist1[i].Text = dbhelper.mylist[i];

If you don't have the same number of elements in textboxlist1 and dbhelper.mylist, you should see which one of this arrays has smaller length and you should loop by this length.