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Javascript Question

how to add paragraph on top of div content

How can I add multiple paragraph tag, newly tag on top within div container.

<div id="pcontainer">
<p>recently added on top every time on click event recently added paragarph on top</p>
<p>added before recent</p>

I am using append but every time I click button it add to bottom I need it to added on top of all paragraph please help.

Answer Source

You may use prepend to add the paragraph at the top of the container:

// HTML: <div><p>Lorem ipsum</p></div>
$('div').prepend('<p>Bla bla bla');

Update: Regarding your comment about how to fade in the paragraph - use fadeIn:

$("#pcontainer").prepend($('<p>This paragraph was added by jQuery.</p>').fadeIn('slow'));

A working demo: http://jsbin.com/uneso

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