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JSON Question

PHP and JSON - extra comma in results

I'm trying to return json response in the correct format but I am getting an extra 'comma' in the returned code (comma after the last item 'Pencil'):

"results": [{
"ItemID": 1,
"ItemName": "Ball"
}, {
"ItemID": 2,
"ItemName": "Pen"
}, {
"ItemID": 3,
"ItemName": "Pencil"

I tried different things but I can't get rid of it. Would anybody have any idea how to remove it?

The code that i have is this:


print '{"results":[';
for ($i=0; $i <$numrows; $i++) {

$JSONArray = array(
"ItemID" => $ItemID,
"ItemName" => $ItemName
print ",";

print json_encode($JSONArray);


print "]}"


Answer Source

You're doing it ENTIRELY wrong. You're outputting multiple independent JSON strings, which is outright wrong. JSON is a monolithic "structure", and building it piece-wise is highly risky.

Simple: DOn't do that.

You build a standard PHP array, then do ONE SINGLE encoding when you're completely done building:

$arr = array();

for(...) {
    $arr[] = ... add stuff ..

echo json_encode($arr);
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