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Javascript Question

Learning javascript

Currently, I am using Javascript - The Definitive Guide for learning Javascript from scratch. Having learnt Java, PERL and other programming languages, I am in a habit of solving small exercises to check/better understand what I have been learning as well. In case of Javascript, I found the book to be severely lacking in exercises. Infact, I did not find exercises in the only other book [ Beginning Javascript ] I have either.

Is there any source that I can refer to for exercises in Javascript?

Answer Source

Once you get a good grasp on the syntax, Crockford has a page that compares javascript with Scheme and takes you through a short book The Little Schemer. The article is appropriately named The Little JavaScripter.

After reading the book, I was changed. Or perhaps transformed. Or altered. In a good way. There are very few books that deeply change the way that you think. This is one of those books.

He's gone through the chapters and translated the functions into javascript. As an exercise, you could do the same and compare your solutions.

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