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echo OOP php method

I had one lesson in OOP which included messaging between classes. On the tutorial, the guy just showed var_dump output version of that. I wanted to play with the code and change from var_dump to echo output, because it would me more useful in future. I just couldn't find any solution so you guys are my only option. Here's the code.


class Person {

protected $name;

public function __construct($name)
$this->name = $name;

public function getName()
return $this->name;

class Business {

// adding Staff class to Business
public function __construct(Staff $staff)
$this->staff = $staff;

// manual hire(adding Person to Staff)
public function hire(Person $person)
// add to staff

// fetch members
public function getStaffMembers()
return $this->staff->members();

class Staff {

// adding people from Person class to "member" variable
protected $members = [];

public function __construct($members = [])
$this->members = $members;

// adding person to members
public function add(Person $person)
$this->members[] = $person;

public function members()
return $this->members;

// you can also create an array with this method

$bros = [

// pretty simple to understand this part

$employees = new Person([$bros]);

$staff = new Staff([$employees]);

$business = new Business($staff);

// or the print_r, it doesn't matter


Answer Source

Try to loop through the array and echo out every single value.

$array = $something //your assignment here
foreach($array as $key => $value ){
    echo "$key => $value\n";
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