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Clicking label not focusing custom element (webcomponent)

I'm writing a custom

element using native DOM (no Polymer)

I'm trying to use my element with a
element and correctly trigger click events to my element when the label is clicked, i.e:

My Select:
<my-select placeholder="Please select one">...</my-select>

// or

<label for='mySelect1'>My Select:</label>
<my-select id='mySelect1' placeholder="Please select one">...</my-select>

However this behaviour doesn't to work out of the box, even if I add a tabindex to make it focusable

Here's a stripped down version of the code and a jsfiddle with some basic debugging:

var MySelectOptionProto = Object.create(HTMLElement.prototype);
document.registerElement('my-select-option', { prototype: MySelectOptionProto});

var MySelectProto = Object.create(HTMLElement.prototype);
MySelectProto.createdCallback = function() {
if (!this.getAttribute('tabindex')) {
this.setAttribute('tabindex', 0);
this.placeholder = document.createElement('span');
this.placeholder.className = 'my-select-placeholder';

var selected = this.querySelector('my-select-option[selected]');
this.placeholder.textContent = selected ?
selected.textContent : (this.getAttribute('placeholder') || '');
document.registerElement('my-select', { prototype: MySelectProto});

Answer Source

Only the phrasing content elements can be targeted by <label>.

So you'll have to manage the focus action by yourself if you want to use a non-standard (autonomous custom) element.

Instead you can choose to define a Customized built-in element that will extend the <select> element, as in the following example:

 var MySelectProto = Object.create( HTMLSelectElement.prototype )
 document.registerElement('my-select', { prototype: MySelectProto, extends: "select" } )

You'll need to use the is attribute notation for HTML:

   My Select:
   <select is="my-select" placeholder="Please select one">

Update More explanations in these 2 posts: here and there.

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