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Android Question

how to change number picker style in android?

I want to use the NumberPicker component-widget but Instead in the default Holo theme I need to replace the blue color with orange since that is the default color in my styling.
How can I replace the blue color and the color of the numbers,and keep all of the functionality of the component?
the default number picker in Holo

Answer Source

Make copy of library/res/drawable-*/numberpicker_selection_divider.9.png and name then, for example, custom_np_sd.9.png.

Override default NumberPicker style via activity theme:

<style name="AppTheme" parent="@style/Holo.Theme">
  <item name="numberPickerStyle">@style/CustomNPStyle</item>
<style name="CustomNPStyle" parent="@style/Holo.NumberPicker">
  <item name="selectionDivider">@drawable/custom_np_sd</item>

And apply @style/AppTheme as activity theme.

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