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Python Question

python search and replace strings in 2GB text file size

I want to search and replace some file paths in text files.
on average the my file size is above 2 GB.

for example:
i have a folder in my D drive "D:\LargeFilesFolder".
and all files exist in the folder.


In all text files i want to search for
and replace with

What is the best optimized python way to read and edit big text files in python..?

Answer Source

Iterate over the lines and write a new file. Then move the new file over the old file.

with open(outputfilename, "w") as outputfile:
    with open(inputfilename, "r") as inputfile:
        for line in inputfile:
            # replace in line and write to outputfile

shutil.move(outputfilename, inputfilename)
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