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Javascript Question

How to validate all empty text once in .NET

function save() {

var iframeID = $('iframe').attr('id');

var code = lazyMethod_get(iframeID, "form1", "txt_code");
var loa = lazyMethod_get(iframeID, "form1", "txt_loa");
var DWT = lazyMethod_get(iframeID, "form1", "txt_dwt");
var GrossTonnage = lazyMethod_get(iframeID, "form1", "txt_gross");

if (code == '')
Ext.Msg.alert("Code need to be fill in!");
else if (loa == '')
Ext.Msg.alert("LOA need to be fill in!");
else if (DWT == '')
Ext.Msg.alert("DWT need to be fill in!");
else if (GrossTonnage == '')
Ext.Msg.alert("Gross Tonnage need to be fill in!");

Above is the code i done and it prompt one by one. I need it to validate just once if the user miss out 2 of the textbox it will prompt the error once and not two times.


Instead of alert in every condition you can append error in variable and then alert ones.

var errors=''; 
if (code == '') {

    errors+="Code need to be fill in!";
if (loa == '') {

    errors+="LOA need to be fill in!";

After all condition check if any error and then alert


This is javascript example. same can be applied for C# also