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Swift Question

Xcode Autocomplete Member From Class Extension

Autocomplete isn't working for me when accessing members from a class extension in Xcode (6.3.2).

I made a UIColor extension, and I am accessing them via

, and it does not show up while I'm typing. Autocomplete works for everything other than this. Is there a setting I can change?

extension UIColor{
func sampleExtendedColorName() -> UIColor {
return UIColor(red:200/255, green:100/255, blue:120/255, alpha:1.0)

Update (new info):
So autocomplete is working if I access the UIColors from a ViewController that directly subclasses
, but if I subclass a custom
that is a subclass of
, autocomplete doesn't show up for some reason.

Answer Source

Figured it out, issue was on my ColorExtension.Swift file in my Xcode project. I needed to check all the Target Memberships.

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