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Angualr2 RC4 child component property setter not executed

I have a parent component that includes a child components which displayes a array of places in a map. The places to display are loaded in the parent component. I have this in my parent template:

<map-comp class="container-map" [places]="places"></map-comp>

I load my places in this whay:

myservice.myfunction(myparameters).subscribe((res: Array<Place>) => {
this.places = res

In my child component i have this property:

@Input() set places(places: Array<Place>) {
this._places = places;
if (this._places != null) {

If I load my parent component the set places property is fired with places equal undefined. Then starts myfunction that loads data and sets the property in the parent component but the child parents property is not update.
What I do wrong?

Here is my plunker

If I use the self.mapConfigChanged.emit(); outside of the google maps event listner it works. But I need some data from the map so I must use this event

Answer Source

My friend @juristr solved my issue. Many thanks! The problem is solved by using ngZone when updating the places in the parent control.


 private mapConfigChange() {

    this.zone.run(() => {
      console.log("parent event fired");
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