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How to remove the separator for only one section in a static UITableView?

I'm implementing a static TableView which has two sections in Swift. I want to have the same effect as

in only section 0, while remaining the separator in the other section. Since it is a static TableView, I cannot configure the cell in
function (which always get a cell value
). I tried to make some IBOutlet for each of the static cells and configure their
property, however it just doesn't work. So I would like to know if there are other ways to remove the separators? Thanks!

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There is no direct way to set it up using tableview Separator. As you said its a static tableview, so simple way to do it is just Remove the Separator from the tableview and add the Separator UIComponent at the bottom which looks like a Separator for the required cells.

Here is the screenshot for that as wellenter image description here

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