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Yahoo mail replacing inline width with min-width

In the last days we have seen how our newsletters doesn't print as they use to do in Yahoo Mail. Some

elements are taking more space that they were supposed to take. After some checking we have seen that
attributes in our inline styles are replaced by

I was try to see if there were any change in Yahoo Mail but I couldn't find anything. The only thing I have found an issue in github explaining how this behaviour is suppose to happen in Yahoo and in Gmail with the
. I've checked Gmail and it's not happening and everything was ok last week in Yahoo Mail.

Is anyone suffering the same issue? Does anyone know the explanation to that?

This is one of the newsletters suffering the problem, and this is how we see it now.

Answer Source

I answered this question earlier today, here's that answer:

Quick fix, place this in your <style> tag: @media yahoo {min-width:0!important}

This change/bug is brand new at the time of this posting. Yahoo is now changing width to min-width, breaking hybrid layouts among other things. There is a good discussion about other hacks in the Litmus Community.

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