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Android emulator hanging on startup?

I've been modifying/editing parts of the Android platform, but have run into a problem when trying to test my edits. After making my changes to the platform source, I was able to successfully compile the source - thus creating system.img, ramdisk.img, and userdata.img.

When I go to test this in the emulator, the emulator just hangs on the "ANDROID_" screen, with the underscore blinking, but never seems to load. Any suggestions?

The command I used to run the emulator is as follows:

./emulator -system $HOME/android/platform/out/target/product/generic/system.img -ramdisk $HOME/android/platform/out/target/product/generic/ramdisk.img -data $HOME/android/platform/out/target/product/generic/userdata.img



Answer Source

The first startup can take a while, especially on a slow machine but otherwise try running the adb logcat command to see the log output. That will help you determine what the problem could be.

Also if you like to skip supplying all the options to the emulator, i.e. -system and the other you can use the scripts supplied in the build folder. Run these commands from the open source project root folder:

source build/

The first one will run the envsetup script for Android that supplies a number of helpful commands. The second one sets up all the paths needed for Android platform development. Among them are the ANDROID_PRODUCT_OUT variable that informs the emulator where to look for the build images. It is set to the default folders that you have specified above. After running setpaths you can just start the emulator with your build by typing emulator on the command line.

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