Arsalan Zahedi Rad Arsalan Zahedi Rad - 3 years ago 60
CSS Question

Scrolling left while making website RTL on just one page

I am developing a website and i am making it RTL. the whole website is ok but i have a problem on 1 page

I am having trouble on making this page RTL.

Since other pages are ok, i am pretty sure the search form on this page is making this problem. even i used the following code to avoid scrolling but after clicking on search fields, the pages scrolls left again:

html, body {overflow-x: hidden; }

Answer Source

I might have discovered the problem. You have the following CSS declaration:

.single.options-hidden.selectator_element .selectator_input {
    opacity: 0;
    position: absolute;
    left: -10000px;

That left: -10000px; seems to be the cause of your issue.

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