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FFmpeg command for crossfading between 5 videos .How to manage setpts=PTS-STARTPTS?

Here, New in FFmpeg . I am using and testing in console in FFmpeg .

I already done with 2 video join with cross fading with this question :
I am doing for 5 videos merging with cross fade I just done 90% in merging
i just need to manage setpts=PTS-STARTPTS Just look into this pls.

ffmpeg -i big_buck.mp4 -i big_buck.mp4 -i big_buck.mp4 -i big_buck.mp4 -i
big_buck.mp4 -filter_complex "[0:v]trim=0:4,setpts=PTS-
STARTPTS,fade=out:st=4:d=1:alpha=1[1]; [1:v]trim=1:4,setpts=PTS-
[1][2]overlay,format=yuv420p[12]; [12][3]overlay,format=yuv420p[123]; [4]
[5]overlay,format=yuv420p[45]; [123][45]concat=n=2 [v]" -map [v] result.mp4

****Note that every input video big_buck.mp4 length is 5 sec ****. now see setpts=PTS-STARTPTS in code How to Manage that in every video Input????

I also see in variuos forums about that but i didnt find!!!
Thank you

Answer Source


ffmpeg -i big_buck.mp4 -i big_buck.mp4 -i big_buck.mp4 -i big_buck.mp4 -i 
big_buck.mp4 -filter_complex \
"[0:v]setpts=PTS-STARTPTS[1]; \
[1][2]overlay[12]; [12][3]overlay[123]; [123][4]overlay[1234]; [1234][5]overlay,format=yuv420p[v]" \
-map [v]  result.mp4

The PTS has to be modified so that each new clip starts 1 second before the current combination of clips ends i.e. the 3rd clip should start fading in at 8 seconds, since the combination of the first two clips is 9 seconds (4 seconds of first clip + 1 second transition + 4 seconds of 2nd clip).

You don't need the fade out as the next clip is fading in on top. The concat is only required if you want a cut.

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