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How can I disable _moz_resizing?

I am using nicEdit editor and I have added my own custom image resizing script to it. But I want to disable the default _moz_resizing that appears in Firefox.

I wanted to have finer control over the image being resized. ( Eg: Allow only the image to resize and inherit the width of the parent container. )

So I wrote a custom script. But since Firefox has its own image resizing control (_moz_resizing) how do I disable it? If there is no way to do so, I have a very simple workaround where I detect if Firefox and turn off my custom script and use the _moz_resizing instead.

But I won't have fine-grained control and I will have to rely on there being browser bugs in Firefox. :(

Answer Source

You can disable this by going to about:config in Firefox - change browser.enable_automatic_image_resizing to false.

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