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My SQL: Add if condition in where statement?

I want to select all customers or one customer from same SP. Right now we are mantaining two SPs to get these details:

i.e. To get all customers:

select id, name from customers

and to get one customer:

select id, name from customers
where id=id_from_input

To make them common, i thought of pasing
as null to get all customers. I tried several ways to make a conditional where statement in my sql that would work with this plan, but nothing is working. For example:

select id, name from customers
where if(id_from_input <> null) id=id_from_input; end if

gives me syntax error.

How can I make a
clause that returns all rows when
is null, the matching row otherwise?

Answer Source

The expression x <> null is never true; you can only use is null, or is not null, to test for null. Correcting your attempt gives:

select id, name from customers
where id_from_input is null or id = id_from_input

Or for something more terse (and IMHO elegant):

select id, name from customers
where id = coalesce(id_from_input, id)
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