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display connection error messages in ionic framework

I am developing an ionic mobile app but getting difficulty to display the connection error message. When the device is not connected to the internet or when there is a connection timeout or something then I want to show a popup to display the error message. This is my first time encountering something like this.

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--first add the plugin to your project then in your app.js include the below code


document.addEventListener("offline", onOffline, false);

        $rootScope.online = true;
        function onOffline() {
            // Handle the offline event
            $rootScope.$apply(function() {
                $rootScope.online = false;
               alert("There is no active internet connection to your app. Please check the connectivity.");
               //implement your method off error when the connection terminates


        document.addEventListener("online", function() {
            $rootScope.$apply(function() {
                $rootScope.online = true;
        }, false);

here offile will handle the connection termination and online will handle the reconnection and check with the alerts or consoles

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