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jQuery on 'click' not triggering after change to a bootstrap table


I am using bootstrap to render a table based on values in an array of objects. I have a select which has a jQuery on ('change') method attached so that when an item from the list is selected, a new table is rendered based on the selected value.

the table uses bootstrap collapse to show/hide rows from the table when the top row is clicked. the last item in the row has a glyphicon arrow which shows the row can be folded/unfolded as the picture below shows

collapse with glyphicon

I am using the below jQuery to toggle the icon

$('#tog').on('click', function() {
console.log("tog clicked");
$(this).find('span').toggleClass('glyphicon-arrow-up glyphicon-arrow-down');

so far I have this all working as shown with this fiddle http://jsfiddle.net/vgfb74u0/


the issue I am facing is that when a new table is rendered based on the selected item the jQuery that changes the glyphic does not trigger so when the table unfolds the icon remains the same.

I have put in some console.log at the start of the method and I never see it firing. so to my newbie eyes the click event is never triggered.

I'm surprised that i've managed to get this far and at a loss to what the issue might be so any help, pointers or advise is most welcome!

Answer Source

You need to manually bind events to any dynamically created element, or let jQuery do that for you.


$('#tog').on('click', function() {});


$('html').on('click', '#tog', function() {});

Will tell JavaScript to delegate the event to any #tog that's created inside the <html> element.

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