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Java Question

Is there a nice, safe, quick way to write an InputStream to a File in Scala?

Specifically, I'm saving a file upload to local file in a Lift web app.

Answer Source

If it's a text file, and you want to limit yourself to Scala and Java, then using to do the reading is probably the fastest--it's not built in, but easy to write:

def inputToFile(is:, f: {
  val in =
  val out = new
  try { in.getLines().foreach(out.println(_)) }
  finally { out.close }

But if you need other libraries anyway, you can make your life even easier by using them (as Michel illustrates).

(P.S.--in Scala 2.7, getLines should not have a () after it.)

(P.P.S.--in old versions of Scala, getLines did not remove the newline, so you need to print instead of println.)

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