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C# Question

Open a folder using Process.Start

I saw the other topic and I'm having another problem .. The process is starting(saw at task manager) but the folder is not opening on my screen ..


What's wrong?

Edited: Replaced '//' for '/', still starting only the process @ task manager, folder is not opening ..

Answer Source

Have you made sure that the folder "c:\teste" exists? If it doesn't, explorer will open showing some default folder (in my case "C:\Users\[user name]\Documents").


I have tried the following variations:

// opens the folder in explorer
// opens the folder in explorer
Process.Start("explorer.exe", @"c:\temp");
// throws exception
// opens explorer, showing some other folder)
Process.Start("explorer.exe", @"c:\does_not_exist");

If none of these (well, except the one that throws an exception) work on your computer, I don't think that the problem lies in the code, but in the environment. If that is the case, I would try one (or both) of the following:

  • Open the Run dialog, enter "explorer.exe" and hit enter
  • Open a command prompt, type "explorer.exe" and hit enter
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