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Fix the Header at Hop when scrill, footer at the Bottom

i am new to css.

How can i show footer at complete bottom of the page

my problem in this page :

.technology {
min-height: 203em;

.foot-nav { background: #fa4b2a;}

in css this the only footer i have.

Please give some easy references, Thanks for Help.

Answer Source

here is my solution for header.


.head-bottom {
    background: #fa4b2a;

.tech-no {
    /* position: absolute; */
    / top: -33px; /


  var $el = $('.head-bottom'); 
  var isPositionFixed = ($el.css('position') == 'fixed');
  if ($(this).scrollTop() > 200 && !isPositionFixed){ 
    $('.head-bottom').css({'position': 'fixed', 'top': '0px'}); 
  if ($(this).scrollTop() < 200 && isPositionFixed)
    $('.head-bottom').css({'position': 'static', 'top': '0px'}); 

Looking for fix footer solution. thanks guys.

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