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event.wheelDelta returns undefined

So I'm trying to disable scrolling on my page when my lightbox opens, and I found this really usefull script that does exactly that. (, unfortunately, when I use it on my own page, it disabled scrolling in my lightbox as well. I started to debug the code with alerts only to find out that event.wheelDelta returns "undefined" on my page, while in the JSFiddle, it returns -120.

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The event object in a jQuery event handler does not reflect the real event. wheelDelta is a non-standard event propertyIE and Opera, available through the originalEvent property of the jQuery event.

In jQuery 1.7+, the detail property is not available at the jQuery Event object. So, you should also use event.originalEvent.detail to for this property at the DOMMouseScroll event. This method is backwards-compatible with older jQuery versions.


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