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Retrieving an array of children in Firebase using Swift

I have a database which looks something like this:




   Menu Item 1 : burger

   Menu Item 2 : fries

   Menu Item 3 : drink


   Menu Item 1 : chicken

   Menu Item 2 : mashed potatoes

   Menu Item 3 : drink

  Taco Bell

   Menu Item 1 : taco

   Menu Item 2 : burrito

   Menu Item 3 : drink

How can I retrieve a list of only the restaurant names (array or dictionary is fine), without their respective menu items?

the output would ideally look something like ["McDonalds", "KFC", "Taco Bell"], with an accessible index or key.

Answer Source

You could do something like:

var ref = Firebase(url: "https://<yourApp>")

ref.observeEventType(.Value, withBlock: {
    snapshot in
    var restaurantNames = [String]()
    for restaurant in snapshot.children {

restaurantNames will have the array you asked for. You are still receiving the complete restaurant objects from firebase, but just using their keys(names).

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