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Having issue with installing this in my mac terminal

I cannnot figure out why it's giving me this result.

Warning: Failed to create the file /Users/myname/.bash_profile: Permission
Warning: denied
curl: (23) Failed writing body (0 != 1968)

When I enter the second step see in the link below.

Instructions provided here that I was given from a bootcamp I am learning to code from
If some one could take the time out their day to please answer my question. I would gladly appreciated.

Answer Source

Try appending "sudo" in the beginning of the command.

If that does not work, attempt to edit permissions for the directory by using chmod.

Be careful with using 777, but if it is on your local device, it should not mean a whole lot.

Usage: sudo chmod XYZ /di/rec/tory

Replace XYZ with chmod settings.

Read this if you are in doubt.