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C# Question

Is there an official logo of C#?

I'm currently working on a presentation that involves C# (and .NET). Is there some kind of official logo of the programming language? If so, do you know of a free image source? I tried google but to no avail.

Answer Source

I don't know of an official logo for the C# language, however, there is a logo for the general "world" of .NET.

The current .NET logo is:

alt text

This was introduced sometime around the end of 2008. Here's the blog post from Microsoft's Scott Hanselman that details this:

PDC 2008: New .NET Logo

However, regarding using the logo yourself, please see this Stack Overflow question (and specifically the accepted answer):

Can I use the .NET framework logo on my personal calling card?

In short, the answer is No. :(

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