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How do you have a bulletted list in migradoc / pdfsharp

even after reading this forum post, its still quite confusing how to create a bulletted list using migradoc / pdfsharp. I basically want to display a list of items like this:

  • Dodge

  • Nissan

  • Ford

  • Chevy

Answer Source

Here's a sample (a few lines added to the HelloWorld sample):

// Add some text to the paragraph
paragraph.AddFormattedText("Hello, World!", TextFormat.Italic);

// Add Bulletlist begin
Style style = document.AddStyle("MyBulletList", "Normal");
style.ParagraphFormat.LeftIndent = "0.5cm";
string[] items = "Dodge|Nissan|Ford|Chevy".Split('|');
for (int idx = 0; idx < items.Length; ++idx)
  ListInfo listinfo = new ListInfo();
  listinfo.ContinuePreviousList = idx > 0;
  listinfo.ListType = ListType.BulletList1;
  paragraph = section.AddParagraph(items[idx]);
  paragraph.Style = "MyBulletList";
  paragraph.Format.ListInfo = listinfo;
// Add Bulletlist end

return document;

I didn't use the AddToList method to have it all in one place. In a real application I'd use that method (it's a user-defined method, code given in this thread).

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