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HTML Question

Dyanmic Droppable Div Not Work in First Time jquery


  1. I have tried other question asked in stackoverflow related to
    Dyanmic Droppable Div i'm unable to do so.

  2. I can Not Drop Textbox In Add New Dynamic Div For first time.


  1. First Create new div using drag and drop DIV control.

  2. Then Click on
    'Add New Div'
    from right corner. This will create new div in panel.

  3. I'm unable to drop a textbox in newly created DIV for first time.

  4. After dropping
    in panel, i am able to drop textbox on newly created DIV.

I want to

  1. drop textbox on newly created DIV at first attempt.

Here is my DEMO Code

Answer Source

Add that at the end of your AddnewDiv function:

    placeholder: 'cs_block-placeholder'
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